How to Secure Any Bank Account in the US?

How poor is the security at US banks? A “Nigerian” scammer (their words, not mine) managed to call a well known bank customer support and reset my password, login and add himself to Zelle. The fraud department cut him off there but how is this possible?

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  1. Sean Rugg

    Ask the bank to assign a keyword/passphrase you have to give them in order for them to do any phone business. This is a common feature most banks support.

    • Christopher

      Thanks, I have a passphrase now. I wish they could enlighten their customers about this capability more timely.

  2. Francesco Auer

    Even if someone successfully spoofs being you, there are other safeguards that trigger reviews before they can do any real damage typically. They have to keep it easy to use and manage for the simple folk, so 90% of their fraud detection and prevention is on the back end.

  3. Bradley Casper

    I’m not surprised anymore, there supposedly was a researcher/consultant who was able to walk up to a bunch of computers and plug in flash drives, and print stuff, in front of everyone, take pictures of himself doing everything and sensitive stuff, then walked in to the branch managers office and talked him in to doing something, then met the person who hired him to test the bank (the owner I’m assuming?) and the owner just wanted to cry from the sounds of it.

    I’m trying to find where I found it but no luck currently.

  4. Dave Cronin

    I had a friend of mine who banks with a smaller bank. He got mad because apparently his account’s been hacked a lot. Not the bank’s fault, it was his. Kept leaving his Facebook account wide open, allowing every schnook out there to get enough information off of him to hack his account successfully. That said, it sounds like that popular bank is giving banks a bad name.

  5. Jacey Marquardt

    I had an issue with Wells Fargo with my card overseas. They are the most incompetent, rude, idiotic, bank personnel I have ever dealt with. I’d recommend Charles Schwab. Great bank. Here is Wells Fargo corporate number, they are pretty good about responding and taking care of an issue, they 3 days shipped me a card to Vietnam when the 800 number staff were letting me play a guessing game with my CC number to unlock my account @ 1.50/min from a hotel in Hanoi. Literally cost me almost 100 USD just to hear them conflict their understanding of policy.

  6. Tremayne Rowe

    Not about banks, but apparently the company I work for is being phished (“vished”) to trick people into releasing sales data for them. It doesn’t take much for someone to forget that everyone who calls them isn’t legit.

  7. Denesik

    Keep all ur details intact. Don’t respond to calls claiming to be from any bank.

  8. Chad Mayer

    From where I sit, it’s not a lack of security or IT infrastructure, that’s for sure. I would say no matter what company it is, people are always going to be the weakest link. Go ahead and plug in a USB device into a WF device and see what happens to it… lol

  9. Greg Roberts

    He probably has more information on you than you think. I would put a lock on your credit

  10. Clyde Witting

    Call customer support and change your own password. Take note of what information they ask for. What happens when you don’t have all the info they need? How much info do you really need to give them to change your email?

  11. Eliseo

    I have to provide 4 different verification checks just to make my mortgage payment, I’ve even asked that if someone else ever calls to make my payments to let them.

  12. Gerald Rosenbaum

    Take away FDIC insurance when this happens and it will stop..

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