How to “Cheat the System” Literally?

When the system cheats you, you cheat them back. How sometimes can some small hacks save you all the time and money? What tricks you or you know the people have used to cheat the system?

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  1. Jessie Richardson

    Most music venues have unpaid ushers just doing it to get into the show. You didn’t get a ticket, just a simple badge that got you in. Same badge for everyone show. Places I did usher didn’t track the issue & return of badges very well….

    Also, I’m pretty convinced that you could get in many venues just by carrying what looks like music equipment (empty guitar case) & following other crew in.

  2. Jerry Jones

    We made our own bus passes in high school. Scanned a pass, adjust colors with photoshop, print and laminate. Now I discovered that the bus takes Canadian quarters. USD$1.60 with CAN $2.50 (SEATTLE)

    • Neville Boatman

      CAD$2.50 is worth USD$1.87 or so at the moment… so the only person getting ripped off is you, Einstein.

      Even at historically bad (or good, depending on which way you’re going) exchange rates, you’d be breaking even, at best.

      • Jerry Jones

        Blah blah blah don’t care. I don’t have any Canadian quarters left.

        • Neville Boatman

          “The winner is you!” (read in 8-bit font for best results)

          • Jerry Jones

            I don’t go to Canada. So the money is worthless to me. No business will take it here.

            • Neville Boatman

              I get it – we accept US coins at face value in Canada, and aren’t required to give an exchange rate if someone offers to pay with US Dollars, since it’s not “Legal Tender” here, and a hassle to exchange – but… I sort through the coins and take them with me when I visit the USA… boom – instant 30% increase in spending power, which is a pretty good return on investment for the time spent.

              I was pointing out that your big scheme was actually costing you money… nothing more.

              “blah blah blah” = “I can’t be bothered to think of something to counter what you said there”. 😛

  3. Dante Atkins

    The dude who says he got someone to clock him in without working for a month and a half before he got caught… How is that even braggable? You still got caught and if the story is true that’s straight up theft so he would have had to make restitution at the very least.

  4. Lonnie

    Outsource most of your coding jobs to eager overseas workers….worth it if you have serious games that need playing at work.

  5. Juan Young

    When I used to play hotels all the time, my cart with my music gear got me pretty much through every back door or hallway because they didn’t want us rolling our stuff around amongst the guests.

    Got to see some pretty lax security and some humongous kitchens!

  6. Francis Eldridge

    Working in the city I really didn’t want to pay $60/week for parking. I noticed there was very little differentiation between the 0 and O they used on plates. I registered custom plates O101101 and parked on the street every day. I had 9/10 times they would put 01011101 on the ticket. Never came back to me and I saved a ton of money!

    • Victor McRae

      Last trick is clever though won’t work in Alberta because the letter O is missing from the character set that’s used. For exactly that reason. 🙂

      On the flip side, a personalized plate that reads “NO PLATE” or “NO TAGS” will net some interesting problems. 🙂

      • Marlin Gibson

        You’d have to get a pretty dumb license officer to get away with the “No Plate” or “No Tags” trick.

  7. Aaron James

    In high school before the days of everything requiring a key card to get in and out I would just go to an office building, go into the department I wanted something from and say “they sent me from the accounting office (or whatever) to get…”. I just pretended to be an intern. Worked pretty good.

  8. Malik Torres

    When I was a teenager I worked for one of those crappy call centers with one of those horrible micromanaging plans. So they would divide us into “teams” with “team leaders”. So one day they switched our teams and I noticed that they never placed me in another team therefore never accounted for.

    So I would go in every day- clock in- go home or whatever then come back and clock out. Eventually, I got too lazy for this and just paid a girl to clock me in and out. This lasted for a month and a half before anyone ever noticed.

  9. Christopher

    When I landed from my international flight there was what looked like a 1-2 hour line for “nothing to declare” and NO line for “something to declare.

    One of the options to declare things was “food items” and since I had a can of cashews in my back I just wrote down “can of nuts” value: $2 and went through the declare line.

    Needless to say, they didn’t give a shit about my nuts but they scanned me through and I was on my merry way in 0 minutes.

  10. Harvey Lewis

    Poor college student with small crack in my car windshield. Needed to get annual car inspection done but not able to afford to replace windshield (they’d fail you for even a small ding).

    Mixed up elmers glue, white out, and put a little bit of dirt in the center instant bird poop over the crack and an easy pass of the inspection.

  11. Adam Erickson

    My high school was somewhat strict about absences. They would do handwriting comparisons with previous notes.

    The first I was late/tardy/whatever, I took the actual note my mother would write and rewrote it in my exact crappy 15-year old’s handwriting on loose-leaf paper, signed my mother’s name, and handed it in.

    When the folks in the principal’s office smelled BS, they called my mother and asked her if she wrote the note which of course she did. For the rest of the year, I was writing my own notes for skipping school.

  12. No Name

    When I was 16, a friend and I created a website with fake reviews of concerts in the Washington, DC area that we didn’t actually go to. Once we had built it up to our satisfaction, we used it as credentials to gain backstage access to a huge DC area music festival three years in a row.

    A simple call to the radio station that sponsored the event got us free passes and access to hang out with and interview most of the bands, including Cypress Hill, Coldplay, Social Distortion, and Offspring. Nobody ever caught on, and oddly, nobody seemed to be suspicious of our age.

  13. Robbie Hill

    Years ago, back when Circuit City still existed, they had a video game sale going on so that PC games $10 and under were buy-one-get-one-free. Except, there was a glitch in the system, so that if you buy a game under $10, then you can get a game of any price for free. So, I just rolled up with some $5 casual game and a copy of Age of Empires 3 Collector’s Edition, and the cashier asked me for $5. I paid him and walked out happy.

  14. Philip Crabill

    Throughout college, I had a sneaky way of cheating the system when studying for tests. Whenever it was time for me to study, I would send out an email to my entire class saying something like “hey, I’m working on a study guide for the test… if anyone wants to send me a copy of theirs I will send you mine…just to make sure we haven’t missed anything of course.”

    Within an hour I would get several study guides sent to me and I would send them back a copy of another person study guide. IN the end, everyone is happy and none the wiser.

  15. Garrett Dew

    A few years ago my credit card allowed me to top up an online sports betting account with cash. It went like this:

    Step 1: Charge $5,000 to credit card, get $5,000 in cash on gambling site.

    Step 2: Immediately take the $5,000 in gambling credit and withdraw it to checking account to pay off the credit card.

    Step 3: Repeat

    Because of the rewards program, I got $100 check for every $5,000 I charged. It was like PRINTING money and required no work at all, just a bunch of online transfers. It only worked for a few months before the CC company caught on but I made about $2,500.

  16. Douglas

    Back in High School, if you lost a book, they would give you a new one, and you had to pay for the replacement by the end of the year in order to pass. That is unless you found and returned the book, in which case they wouldn’t charge you.

    On the first day of school, I would take all my books home. The second day I would report all my books missing and get replacement copies which I would leave in my locker. On the last day of school, I would turn in both copies of all books. I never had to bring books to and from school ever.

  17. Joseph Thompson

    I learned that you can get into almost any special event by wearing a chef coat. Even just carrying one and walking like you know where you’re going will work every time. Most people don’t want to look stupid by asking you who you are.

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