How to Change MAC Address of a Windows 10 PC using Command Prompt or Powershell?

How does one change a MAC address on Windows 10 machine from Windows command prompt or Powershell? Or programmatically? I looked up how to do it and I found that the tutorials have a different version of the Device Manager interface. In my build of Windows 10, there are no options for the hardware address in the properties select box. So the GUI way isn’t working.

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    2 things are involved here…

    1) you need a network card that is capable of modifying its mac address (most can, but some cheapos cannot)

    2) you need a driver for that card, that allows you to change it. Sometimes it can only be done using a bios editor (for some of those cheap-o cards I mentioned earlier) and some of the really really high-end network cards require actual bios change.

    But most consumer grade cards can do it, but it’s going to be in the driver not the “windows” version. If you’re using stock windows network drivers, it’s likely not going to be an option, as that’s “advanced” and going to require the drivers from the vendor.


    My network card in windows 10, called it “Locally Administered Address” instead of “MAC Address” in the settings. Also, check Another option is set a router rule that changes it at your Gateway. But when you are off your home network your MAC address will be your real one. Also, you don’t change the MAC address on Linux, Mac, or Windows. You can, however, change the frame src address. This is possible with all OSs. Maybe get off the GUI and try netsh.


    You can do a fun little script to change the key value in the registry. Go to the command prompt to find your key values. Use “Getmac” and it’ll output your macs and reg key values. You can search for the reg keys or just go here: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Class\ for a quicker search. Your script can then change the reg key. Follow this little guide and you can form up the rest:


    Your MAC address is supposed to be cached in the NIC ARP tables of your router so it doesn’t have to ask every time. To change it, you simply change the source header of your outgoing packets as you send them. The configuration file can be anywhere, but your NIC also stores a copy of it. Flush the cache and send another address. Mac address isn’t like an IP Address. Its hard coded into your Network Card. There are some simple methods of doing it, just get a different network card for example. That will do it. Mac spoofing is actually more difficult, it requires a special program to do. Changing your MAC address in Windows is not really that useful imho, you’re better off installing a Virtual Machine or another operating partition and go from there.

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