Handbrake Crashes a Lot on Windows 10 Laptop

That program Handbrake is driving me crazy. On my good computer is constantly crashes. Tried it on my wife’s slow ass laptop and it works fine. Slow as hell but fine. I read that maxes all your cores so that could be the issue or it is heat. Either way, it’s working just at a snail’s pace. Off topic, I prep for a procedure tomorrow so getting plex ready now 

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    Pulling some tracks off old DVD since I no longer have a DVD player. Pull them off, use CLI to convert them to MP4 and off to plex they go.


      Usually, I rip them to the hard drive on my good computer, convert them, and then just use filezilla to the pi (using an SSD which helps the cache). I am using a quad core AMD and I just rip the episodes instead of menus so it takes about five minutes for a 47-minute episode. Converting it to MP4 only takes a few seconds. All in all, it is quick but handbrake is prone to crashing which slows things down. Someone said that if you overclock it crashes that much more which I believe.


    What do you use it for? I use it for adding hardcoded subtitles to gif images and it works decently but it does eat up my resources tho.


      Yea usually takes me around 4 hours to rip a DVD and that’s using a 6 core AMD processor 16GB’s RAM and an RX 470 GPU… For some reason it likes using my GPU but has no effect on the time I could pop in my old HD7870 and it would still take 4 hours.


    Please tell me you are ripping the files to HD first. Otherwise, you are spending over half your time with I/O. Plex should be able to play mpeg2 720×[email protected] straight from a file. Have you tried that?


      Never tried mpeg2. I stick with MP4 so they are all the same extension, Ocd and all.


        I am saying that other than decrypting the files you could probably just rip them to unencrypted VOB, convert them to mpg and play them without any conversion and zero conversion loss of quality, unless you have issues with high bitrates up to 8Kb/s of DVD.

        Most episodic DVD top out around 5K with a few higher bitrate for action scenes. One thing about h264 is it looks great at lower bitrates than the mpeg2 of DVD.

        5.1 Surround sound takes up a lot of bandwidth if it is raw PCM and not AC3, so conversion of audio to 2ch aac cuts the total bitrate way down.

        I would recommend using handbrake to rip the episodes as raw VOB files and use ffmpeg in a batch file to convert them.

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          I see what you mean. Thanks.

          That will make things simpler. I was never big into DVD Bluray so I usually follow whatever tutorial I find. For some reason, I just never had the motivation or need to learn anything about it. I do appreciate you explaining that to me.


    Running HB on Fedora for years, no crashes. And it tastes less filling too. Plus, I should point out, makemkv is a far better tool for pulling video off disks, and then use HB on the files, or something like “ffmpeg -i title03.mkv -c:v libx264 -crf 15 04Vampire.H264.mkv”

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